Behringer Syncussion SY-1 Drum Synth Now Shipping, Priced At $199

Behringer today announced that its Syncussion SY-1 – a knockoff of the vintage Pearl Syncussion SY-1 – is now shipping from its factory.

The SY-1 offers two drum synth voices, with six oscillator modes, each with a different character and timbre. You can choose from single oscillator, FM, dual oscillator mix, dynamic oscillator mix, FM/noise mix, and pure noise. Each mode can be shaped by adjusting the tune, decay, and filter cutoff controls. This lets you create a range of ’70s synth drum effects.

The Behringer SY-1 can be triggered by drum pads or sequenced via MIDI or analog gate signals.


  • Copies original Pearl Syncussion SY-1 circuitry
  • 6 oscillator modes featuring single oscillator, FM, dual oscillator mix, dynamic oscillator mix, FM/noise mix and pure noise
  • Tune, decay and filter cutoff controls for a wide range of percussive sounds and effects
  • Pitch sweep with speed, range and up/down controls for dramatic pitch dives and rises
  • LFO with square and triangle waves for unique vibrato effects
  • Sample and hold control for random pitch changes with each hit
  • 30 controls for direct and real-time access to important parameters
  • Module can be transferred to a standard Eurorack case
  • Trigger via MIDI or Trig inputs

Pricing and Availability:

The Behringer Syncussion SY-1 is shipping from the factory now, priced at $199 USD. It can take a month or so for their shipping items to be available at retailers.

48 thoughts on “Behringer Syncussion SY-1 Drum Synth Now Shipping, Priced At $199

  1. The VO in this video is super distorted and sounds like garbage. Not really a good look on someone shilling audio gear…

  2. I’m generally not interested in Behringer stuff, but this thing seems kinda cool?
    Plus the layout isn’t nearly as cringe-inducing as some of their other euro knock offs.

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if they knocked off Raf Michigan Synth Works eurorack module designs for this retched form factor they use to house all of their ill gotten designs.


    1. Why does the admin on this website event allow these kind of comments “Uli likes to steal from the small companies”?

      That is an accusation of an illegale activity, Im sure Behringer didnt break any laws here.

      1. Andreas – as you should know, we do not pre-screen or review all comments.

        Only comments from new commenters, and commenters with a history of abusive comments, are automatically flagged for moderation.

        Readers should be aware that, like any site that allows user contributions, you may find comments from others that you disagree with or even find offensive.

        We encourage all viewpoints on the site, but will delete personal attacks and hate speech when we see it. We encourage visitors to share feedback on comments via the Feedback link that is found at the top of every page on this site.

        I reviewed the comment you mentioned, and deleted the personal attack.

    1. Why? Legitimacy. The more of these copies they release, the more people will associate the company with the idea of bringing back the past and of being a mainstay in the community.

  4. A CV option for controlling the ABCDEF knob would have been great, seems like a big miss to not include it, though for the price it’s really not that bad.

      1. A trigger signal could easily step through those modes. The physical switch could be replaced with a button and an indicator for manual use.

        1. CV is better for this task, stepping with a trigger means it’s looped and there is only one direction, with cv you can just play 1v/octave.

            1. From michigan synth works SY0.5 page:

              “There are two options for mode, one will advance the osc mode with a trigger in the direction it was last selected manually (up or down) or you can select the mode with a CV, 0-5V. You can toggle between these functions by long pressing both buttons “

      2. If they designed it differently, a CV option to do what I described. It’s not like that’s never been done Mr. Condescending pants.

    1. Blame Pearl. if they had done it, Behringer would have done it as well. the value is in the recreation itself. adding features increases unwelcome risk, adds cost, and deviates from the original inviting *more* unecessary criticism.

      seems like a good idea not to do this.

  5. THERE is the kind of synth that one should copy.

    These things are almost unobtainium at any decent price so why not copy this? I hope the Buchla 700 is next.

          1. Nailed it:
            iPod – crappy knockoff of Creative Nomad
            iPad – crappy knockoff of Microsoft Tablet PC
            iPhone – crappy knockoff of Palm Treo
            Apple Watch – crappy knockoff of Casio Data Bank
            M1 MacBook Air – crappy knockoff of Chromebook

    1. Uli, You can easily spend $5-600 on a beefy syncussion clone or even cheaper for one in euro format. They are not unobtainable.

  6. Highly recommend the Michigan Synthworks SY0.5 if you want something integrated into your rack that’s just 10HP. I absolutely love mine.

    This is nice for the price, but they should have offered just a single module as well. It’s just way too large as double wide.

    A side by side comparison with other clones will be useful to compare sounds, but I’ll stick with my SY0.5.

    1. Exactly, it loses the function of the other module. People seem to be glossing that over or not caring but it does actually matter in some designs and this is a prime example.

    1. No, where do you hear that it’s stepped? If you want it quantized, you’d do that via quantized CV into this, or via MIDI, as it seems to be using via USB in the latter part of the video.

      1. The tuning slider is most certainly stepped. Listen to it again, and carefully. It’s stepped. This makes me think that the oscillator may be digital, or more likely the steps are in there as the original was so difficult to tune- although I think that’s what gave the SY-1 its character.

  7. If I buy slider caps on Amazon, wll they slide over those piece of crap sliders? I want this, but the logistics of modding it to not be a POS turns me back off owning anything Behringer.

    Would have gladly paid $210 for something with actual sliders but I guess that $199 price point is imperative to Uli. The MK2 will have upgraded sliders, right?

  8. folks can bemoan commoditization. but it’s gonna happen. so, suck it up kids, the game has changed once again. conservative tears are delishious!

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