Sequential Prophet-5 Vintage Synth Review

French composer & synthesist Eric Mouquet (Deep Forest) shared this review of the classic Sequential Prophet-5 synthesizer.

The Sequential Prophet-5 was released in 1978, and was the first polyphonic synth to offer patch memory. The original Prophet-5 was made from ’78-84. A modern reissue was introduced in 2020, and it’s available via Sequential.

In the video Mouquet offers a hand-on demonstration of the Prophet-5, with lots of audio and musical demos. Check it out and share your thoughts on the Sequential Prophet-5 in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Sequential Prophet-5 Vintage Synth Review

  1. I’ve owned 4 different Prophets, so I know that voice and synth style are as solid as any Moog. Even when similar polys came along, the 5 held its own. That’s why the company persists and you can have several flavors of Prophet in software. I was going to like Eric’s review anyway, being a big Deep Forest fan.

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