Roger Linn, The Father Of The MPC, Reviews The Akai MPC Live 2

In his latest video, composer and instrument designer Roger Linn offer his take on the current MPCs, demoing and reviewing the Akia MPC Live 2.

Linn is the father of the MPC, and worked with Akai to create and release the original MPC60 in 1988.

After collaborating on the classic MPC line, Linn and Akai went their separate ways. And some would argue that the MPC line went into a decline that lasted until a few years ago, when Akai introduced the MPC X and MPC Live.

Linn is impressed with the Akai MPC Live 2, saying “The current Akai company has done a very good job of not only honoring the workflow of my original design, but also bringing it into the present with modern features.”

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the current Akai MPCs in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “Roger Linn, The Father Of The MPC, Reviews The Akai MPC Live 2

  1. the UI is a nightmare for sure

    its the worst of legacy tradition mixed with modern gimmicks

    with that said, its definitely my main hub for everything when composing

    1. You really think so? First time I saw one in a store I just started playing around on it and had a beat going in 5 minutes, even though I’ve never owned an MPC. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

      1. its not exactly “difficult” but its also not exactly “intuitive” or “quick”

        for example… there is not a mixer page for tracks, only for instruments… etc and there are other strange things like that, lots of quirks and so forth

        1. What the heck are you talkin about, of course there are seperate mixer pages:
          Tracks, instruments, sends, return, sub channels, master…..everything is there^^

          1. no there is not a mixer page for tracks… there is a “track view” and a “pad mixer” and a “instrument page” and so on

            its not standard, but again its not exactly “difficult”… just onerous and non-intuitive

            im not here to argue.. if you love it and it works for you, great – have fun

            but im not the only person making these comments, so im not about to pretend that im alone in this either

            cheers kids

  2. Wow, that was a nice look at the machine. I used to have a Live and I thought it was pretty cool. I was hoping it had the same size as an MPC 1000, but it was a pretty sweet machine.

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