Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Volume II Expanded With ‘New’ Music

Warp Records and Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) have announced Selected Ambient Works Volume II (Expanded Edition), a limited edition reissue of one of his best-loved and a classic of ambient music.

The reissue adds several ‘new’ tracks, including #19, embedded below:

It also adds Th1 [evnslower]:

Selected Ambient Works Volume II (Expanded Edition) is available in a variety of formats, including CD, cassette, vinyl and a deluxe vinyl boxed set. The expected release data is Oct 4, 2024.

13 thoughts on “Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Volume II Expanded With ‘New’ Music

    1. What can I say? I tried to undo some daft word salad with someone elses leaves only to be seen as a collaborator, and my comment to point that out with a big dash of love for the Twin wasn’t posted. Thats the hate, and its a real shame 🙁

    2. its the usual synthopia kindergarten. 😉
      people like to come here to hate on B.
      what did you expect?
      a common sense of good taste in music?

      1. Hating on B is my new hobby. Watching people do this mental gymnastics to justify buying their stuff is like a free educational material about humanities lowest .
        “B” totally deserves it, actually they asks for it, and thrives on it. It’s like a perfect symbiotic circus with the commenters here.
        Aphex Twin is a total alien god. His music is otherworldly.
        His best album, the one I’m listening to right now is absolute masterpiece.

  1. Not worth saying, but nothing but love for the Limerick man. The first comment brought me back to the normies of secondary school, shrooms with the few and group nod to Alberto Balsam just before the Leaving Cert. Formative experience, forever grateful. However, my absolutely shite response seemed to suit the age bracket of the first so more the child am I. So meh.

    The Twin Has Fallen.
    Long Live The Twin.

  2. I bought this when it came out and I must have listened to it hundreds of times. But when I played it again recently, after not hearing it for years, I had to conclude it didn’t age that well. Most of the tracks are just a theme which is repeated (often too long) without any development. And the sequencing of the tracks makes no sense. It’s just a collection of tracks, not an album.

    Pure genius, as they say.

  3. i dont really consider it a good ambient album… but i think its pretty good for a “background music” album where you are doing other things, talking to people, working on something, etc

    we listened to it all the time at a computer shop where i worked, and that seemed to be the best way to hear it… bits an snippets here and there, in the background

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