Behringer Announces Mutronics Mutator Copy

Behringer today announced plans for a Euro-format copy of the Mutronics Mutator stereo filter bank.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“We’re now finalizing our exciting Mutator product and are collaborating closely with the original designer to ensure its authenticity and quality.

The Mutator is a legendary analog filter and envelope follower that gained prominence in the ’90s, known for its unique ability to transform sounds in creative and dynamic ways. It’s been a favorite tool for many musicians and producers, offering rich, warm analog filtering with the ability to create complex modulations and effects.

Here’s a demo of the original Mutator in action from synthesist Alex Ball:

Details on the Behringer Mutator are still to be announced.

20 thoughts on “Behringer Announces Mutronics Mutator Copy

  1. I’d like to put a filter on my internet connection to remove anything to do with Behringer forevermore. So terribly tired of the non-stop knock-offs, it’s actually making me look forward to the day that AI finally controls all music-making so I don’t have to see these sad product announcements for rehashes of old instruments that bedroom musicians can’t afford.

    Hey…I actually feel better now. Sometimes a good rant is what one needs.

  2. Seems cool that they fit it into that form factor but I won’t order them until I see how the boxes look stacked up on a palett. Unless they release a clever video with a hot British guy in a Yankees hat doing a walk thru.

  3. Probably won’t see this in US for another 2/3 years…lol,I love Behringer products, but I wish they would hold announcements of new releases until they are ready to be released to public

  4. Big fat NO to the mini jacks!
    This isn’t eurorack, nothing can be modulated.
    Why mini jacks?
    They are audio in / outs, 1/4 inch please.

    1. Yes, I’m still hoping they’re coming.
      They would be fun to play with and would fit in quite well with my setup.
      Plus, the originals are really hard to get hold of. Especially in the UK.
      I just hope they don’t put mini jacks on them!

  5. they straight up lied about working with the main designer on this, steve crow vehemently
    denies it. just like they did with their oberheim ripoffs

    1. Have distinctly mixed feelings about the company, but they’ve said they’re working with Nigel Bradbury.

      “James knew a chap called Nigel Bradbury who was pretty heavily into electronic music and electronics who played a big role in developing the ideas and so, The Mutator (a few prototypes and tears later) was born. Nigel Bradbury and James Dunbar did most of the donkey work on the electronics and mechanical design side, Mark Lusardi of Mark Angelo Recording Studios did lots of listening and road-testing. Phil Thompson, an electronic musician also built plenty of the early models. Later on, Andrew Crow and Steve Crow got involved in production.”

      Quote from here, which says it was an interview with Steve Crow:

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