Sound Designer Francis Preve On Creating A New Physical Modeling Sound Library For Serum

In the latest episode of the Music Production Podcast 373, host Brian Funk talks with one of the rockstars of sound design, Francis Preve.

Preve is a sound designer, producer, and synthesizer programmer who has made factory presets for synths from Sequential, Roland, Korg, Oberheim, Serum, and many others. So it’s likely that you’ve played Preve’s patches, even if you didn’t realize it.

In this interview, Preve discusses his new pack, Serum Models, physical modeling synthesis, sound design and more. Preve also discusses how creating great sounds is just the start of his work, and talks about the work needed to turn a set of patches into a successful product.

It’s a great interview for anyone interested in sound design. Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Sound Designer Francis Preve On Creating A New Physical Modeling Sound Library For Serum

  1. I’m a big fan of the AAS Chromaphone, a solid physical modeler. It has a nice little fistful of Francis’ sounds on offer. They’re all inspiring. He’s like an alternate version of Eric Persing. Different mindsets, but similar creativity. Reverse-engineering his patches is a good way to learn some of the less common features of a synth. Great talk!

  2. Some time ago i bought Serum, but i’m quite disappointed. There seems to be a lot of mess under the hood, which (if i trust Steves comments) can’t easily be fixed, but ancient DirectX and no VST3 support is telling me a different story. There is no plan to support Windows in future. Maybe there are still a few bucks in it, so they don’t want to announce that officially. M1 was supported very quickly, which is kind of proof to me that Xfer is able to push things if they want to.

  3. How will Serum do physical modelling without actually being able to do physical modelling?

    Will the just be wavetable samples of physically modelled sounds?

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