GForce OB-1 Puts A Classic Oberheim Synth In Your DAW

GForce Software, in collaboration with Oberheim, has introduced OB-1, a virtual instrument that builds on the classic mono synth from 1978.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The GForce Oberheim OB-1 delivers a sound as full and robust as the legendary Minimoog® yet as aggressive and snarling as the MS-20®. It strikes the perfect balance between these two icons, making it an incredibly versatile tool in any producer’s arsenal.

Whether you’re conjuring deep bass lines or soaring leads or looking for something a little extra special, the Oberheim OB-1 is your ultimate ally in the studio.”

GForce Oberheim OB-1 builds on the original hardware instrument in many ways:

  • Enhanced Signal Path: The OB-1 retains the authentic, rich tones of the original while benefiting from a new waveform alongside waveshape modulation, discreet level for the oscillators, sub and noise, LFO sync & retrig, Envelope looping, discreet key tracking, cross-mod, pan spread and more.
  • Polyphony up to 16 Voices and Unison: Unlike the monophonic original, we’ve added polyphony and mono unison.
  • X-Modifier: Unlocks unparalleled creative possibilities by enabling direct modulation of most parameters, transforming your sonic landscape with ease.
  • High Pass Filter: This addition allows for more precise control over the frequency spectrum, enabling cleaner mixes and more intricate sound design.
  • Chorus, Delay, and Reverb Effects: Integrated effects expand the sonic palette, allowing for lush, atmospheric, and dynamic soundscapes.
  • Four Versatile Macros: These provide real-time control over key parameters, enhancing expressive performance and sound customization. Macro4 can be modulated by the sequencer. This can get very creative.
  • Built-in Arpeggiator and Sequencer: These tools make it easy to create dynamic rhythmic and melodic patterns, adding depth and complexity to your music. The sequencer features individual step length and probability, as well as a track dedicated to sequencing Macro4.
  • Advanced Patch Browser: Quickly find and customize the perfect sound from a vast preset library, streamlining the creative process.

Here’s a look back at the original Oberheim OB-1:

GForce OB-1 Walkthrough:

Pricing and Availability:

GForce OB-1 is available now with an intro price of £49.99 (normally £99.99).

4 thoughts on “GForce OB-1 Puts A Classic Oberheim Synth In Your DAW

  1. I’m going to try the demo of this out. I’m probably an outlier in having this opinion, but sometimes I wish Gforce would spend a little more time getting their DSP to sound a little more analogue, and a little less time brainstorming ideas for “improvements” that only serve to take their synths further away from what they’re emulating.

    Having said that I can’t wait to try it out.

  2. It seems like a good addition for any of the OB-Xs, since it was originally a monosynth. The polyphony & X-Modifier make it much more appealing. I think there’s some good crossover to be had between this and, for example, Arturia’s OB-Xa V. Unless you’re unstable enough to want to seriously tackle an Eight-Voice, heh, those two would cover most of the Oberheim you could ever need. Play them from an OB-6 or OB-X8 and see the outer rim of Heav’n!

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