Cherry Audio Intros Wurlybird 140B Electric Piano

Cherry Audio has introduced Wurlybird 140B, a sample-based virtual instrument, modeled after the classic 1964 Wurlitzer 140B.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Wurlybird 140B has been crafted by Cherry Audio through deep expert sampling of a professionally restored 140B, along with subtle randomization of key release and pedal sounds, precision modeling of the original preamp, faithfully emulated vibrato/tremolo, and even adjustable background hum.

Additionally, Wurlybird 140B includes a broad spectrum of tonal-enhancing stompbox-style effects, ranging from subtle to extreme.

Here’s an intro and performance demo, from synthesist and composer Michael Whalen:

Pricing and Availability:

Wurlybird 140B is available now for Mac & Windows for $39 USD.

3 thoughts on “Cherry Audio Intros Wurlybird 140B Electric Piano

  1. Cherry audio makes the most mediocre soft synths…they all sound absolutely terrible in a mix and there’s so much aliasing.

    1. Perhaps an upgrade to your computer, their synths sound great to me. No aliasing and they sit in the mix ok. Perhaps post some sound example or raise the issue with Cherry?

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