Shut Up And Play: Korg Opsix Sounds With Jexus

If you want to get a sense of the sonic possibilities of the Korg Opsix, you could do a lot worse than checking out these audio demos by Jexus.

In the first video, above, Jexus demos 60 custom Opsix sounds in 12 minutes. In the second video, below, the sonic onslaught continues:

Jexus notes that, while the build of the Opsix doesn’t match that of classic Yamaha FM synths, “To say that it’s a great synth for modern leads, acoustic plucks, industrial / techno sequences and ambient pads / soundscapes is a criminal understatement.”

You can buy Jexus’s complete collection of 270 patches for the Opsix for 26 Euros

17 thoughts on “Shut Up And Play: Korg Opsix Sounds With Jexus

  1. I’ve never really liked FM sounds, from the earliest DX7 on, analogue always sounded much warmer, especially for pads & strings, and way easier to program.

    But KORG’s OpSix has completely overturned my prejudice – it’s an absolutely stunning hands-on tweak able synth and sounds fantastic.

    Wish all the best to Jexus & his patch collection.

    1. I watched a comparison from the Opsix with the DX7 and in most cases the DX7 did sound better…and as you can read i’m not the only one with this opinion.

      Anyway i think for this amount of money people have a nice synth with the Opsix.

      But personal I prefer a 5 octave DX7, that is if the keybed, display and membrame keys are still good.

      1. Three octave synths are a real pain, or you can try putting two of them side-by-side and playing that – a WaveState OpSix combo for example ?

  2. This isn’t about Behringer! It’s a wonderful Korg!! Damn, I can’t vent any
    tedious entitled-muso fake-frustration and ruin an admin’s day and waste people’s time today.

  3. I don’t understand this type of synthesis. I’ve watched a number of videos on it but don’t get it as far as being able to intuitively create sounds. Maybe I’m stupid (cue the humorous replies). I’m much more at home with typical subtractive synthesis.

    1. You’re not stupid. Subtractive synthesis is way more intuitive. FM is just a different process – definitely more intellectual than exploratory. As you get better at it, you develop more intuitive processes around it, but it’ll always be a much thinky-er way of synthesizing – which is a big part of what I love about it 🙂

  4. I think I will never understand why they keep doing useless 3 oct versions instead of modules and possibly full 5 oct

  5. this dudes AN1x videos are super awesome

    btw – lack of multitimbral on all these new synths is a glaring failure on the part of modern manufacturers… its like getting rid of hammer and nails because they are “old”… i.e. its retarded

    1. Opsix can do a sort of pseudo-multitimbral thing where you can split the operators between the low and high range. So for example if you can make one sound with 4 operators, you have 2 ops left over for a second sound. Makes for some decent bass/lead split patches, but definitely limited.

      1. yeh it does a split performance mode – like the Modwave iirc

        its very frustrating imo, but i realize most people dont care so im fully aware of that as well

  6. I was looking at my Yamaha TX7 and TX81Z and was asking myself “Should I sell them to get a Korg opsix? but came to the conclusion of no, I like the lo-fi 12-bit DAC more, which you find on the older Yamaha , which give this cold harsh soulless lo-fi sound.

    This new Korg device sounds like the software Dexed….

  7. I have played The Korg DS8 and it was a amazing synth, but the opsix is amazing. Yeah the keyboard is too short. I like 61 keys for something like that. But I would own one after that demo. I can make patches. I have worked in Dexed and Arturia DX7 clone and I can get along with it. I understand liking analog synths or va synths because their ease of use, but FM does something they do not. Their crazy sound manipulation is awesome. It is easy with FM to get bogged down. But you can do some aggressive things with it. Electric pianos are amazing, bells are amazing but the opsix took the cake. I know the DX7 is a badass nobody needs to tell me that. Bass response has been one of those things with FM though. Sometimes it might sound a little thin. other then that no complaints

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