Shredder – A MIDI Guitar Synth For The iPad

Shredder Guitar Synthesizer

Yonac Software has introduced Shredder,  a new iPad guitar synthesizer.

The app lets you play a built-in synth using a guitar, connected through an audio interface. You can also use it as a guitar-to-MIDI translator and play software or hardware synths.


  • Connect your guitar to your iPad through the USB (such as Apogee Jam, Griffin GuitarConnect Pro, Sonoma GuitarJack 2), Jack/Mic (such as iRig), or use the iPad’s built-in microphone
  • Uses real FM/subtractive analog-modeling synthesis
  • Can also be controlled by the onscreen keyboard, or a hardware MIDI controller
  • Comes with three of our signature stomp boxes: Fuzz Goblin, Ghoul Vibrations, and Echo-Plasm
  • Over 100 presets to get you started; save an endless number of user presets
See the video below for a demo of the Shredder MIDI guitar app in action.

Shredder also supports virtual MIDI, so you can use Shredder to have your guitar control any iPad synth with virtual MIDI, or even hardware MIDI devices.

Shredder will be available on December 14th for an introductory price of $5.99 (going up to the regular price of $14.99 on January 14, 2012).

via axetopia, Yonac

6 thoughts on “Shredder – A MIDI Guitar Synth For The iPad

  1. Hmmmm……. maybe it was just the recording but the sounds in that demo were completely unappealing. However, if this really does pitch to midi as it claims, and can pump it back out to other devices, this could be a really, really great app!

  2. This app is really awesome. I’m impressed by the tracking and the presets are very usable. I definitely remember when it cost $250-500 for a guitar synth that worked but had limited sounds. This is a new chapter in that evolution, for sure! I haven’t gotten the chance to try it with the virtual MIDI out but that is an amazing benefit. I will be playing Sunrizer and Animoog sounds with my guitar in no time…I hope!

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