A Charlie Brown Synthmas

Blockhead Synthmas, by the Blockhead Trio, Here’s what they have to say about the album: “This is a hypothetical (and anachronistic) “best-christmas-ever” where I get a brand new KORG 770 synthesizer, a brand new YAMAHA MR-10, and the Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack on Vinyl. And what’s more – I USE THEM! I revel in all… Read More A Charlie Brown Synthmas

Dr. Sunshine’s ‘A Rainbow Kitten Christmas’

A Rainbow Kitten Christmas by Rainbow Kitten From the land of WTF comes the holiday cheer of Dr. Sunshine’s A Rainbow Kitten Christmas. The album offers Dr. Sunshine’s unique take on Christmas songs, featuring 8-bit chiptune sounds, lo fi vocoder goodness and a heaping helping of weirdness.