Dr. Sunshine’s ‘A Rainbow Kitten Christmas’

From the land of WTF comes the holiday cheer of Dr. Sunshine’s A Rainbow Kitten Christmas.

The album offers Dr. Sunshine’s unique take on Christmas songs, featuring 8-bit chiptune sounds, lo fi vocoder goodness and a heaping helping of weirdness. 

Here’s what Dr. Sunshine has to say about it:

This collection of holiday classics has been lovingly crafted specifically for you by the one and only Dr. Sunshine, purveyor of unending bliss transmitted via acoustic vibrations. Enjoy it at high volumes with high volumes of egg nog and good cheer and friends and family and peace and love.

Rainbow Kitten is Dr. Milton T Sunshine.

A Rainbow Kitten Christmas is available via Bandcamp.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Sunshine’s ‘A Rainbow Kitten Christmas’

  1. I love it! Sounds a bit like what we might get if Wendy Carlos were to get a bit tipsy from too much eggnog. Definitely a worthy alternative to Chipmunk Christmas as cafeteria music. (I kind of like the Chipmunks, though, during the season. It’s like coming home, or at least how it should feel.)

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