Interview With Absynth Creator Brian Clevinger

The latest episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast features an interview with Absynth creator Brian Clevinger. Host Darwin Grosse talks with Clevinger about his background, the creation of Absynth and his current research. Absynth is a semi-modular software synthesizer that combines a variety of approaches to synthesis with extensive modulation options and powerful… Read More Interview With Absynth Creator Brian Clevinger

IRCAM Intros IRCAMAX – 12 Devices For Max For Live

French electronic music center IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique) has intrroduced IRCAMAX 2, their second collection of Max For Live devices. Audio effects, instruments and a MIDI effect make up this collection of tools for advanced audio processing, sound design and creative experimentation. Here’s a rundown of the Pack’s instruments and effects.