A Brief History Of Monophonic Synthesizers

In this video, UK synthesist Benge (Ben Edwards) shares his take on a brief history of monophonic synthesizers.

The video is the first in a new six part series exploring his passion for vintage synths and studio gear, and how he uses it on his productions and collaborations.

In this episode:

  • SWITCHED ON MONOSYNTHS – A brief history of Monosynths, with the Minimoog, ARP Odyssey, Roland SH101, SH5, Korg 800DS, Yamaha CS40M, Elka Soloist, EMS VCS3, Buchla Music Easel, and various related sequencers: Moog 960, ARP 1601, EMS TKS
  • SYNTHESISER CLUB – ARP / Rhodes Chroma, ARP 2500
  • PATCHING TODAY – Emu Series 2000 Modular synthesiser
  • VIDEO LAB – Brief introduction to the lab, Panasonic WJ-MX50, Sony Camera, Grass Valley Indigo vision mixer

Topics covered:

00:00 Opening Titles
00:33 Introduction
01:32 Switched On Monosynths
17:58 Synthesiser Club
19:43 Commercial Break
21:51 Patching Today
32:15 Video Lab
35:02 Outro/Coming Up Next Time

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