Building An Artificial Soundscape With Robotic Insects

Cicadas is a sound art project, created by Berlin-based musician/sound artist Bob Meanza, that explores the idea of creating artificial ambient soundscapes with robotic insects. The project is based on small, battery-powered ‘insects’, which are built using programmed AVR microcontrollers and sound emitting components (relays, piezos, buzzers…). 

Esquemáticos – The Fabric Of Sound

Esquemáticos is a series of works that link hand-made embroidering with the symbolic representation of analogue circuit diagrams. The project is an exhibition of large schematic drawings that have been hand-sewn with a conductive thread and electronic components. The embroidered illustrations of the circuits are fully functional and can be operated by the public.

Telematic Drum Circle

Kyle McDonald captured this video of a hack of Byeong Sam Jeon’s telematic drum circle: I got a little bored with re-aligning switches for the pneumatics and resetting various modules, so I dug through Byeong Sam’s code. Since it was just 16 serial ports, each at 9600 baud receiving characters ‘1’ through ‘9’ for velocity, I wrote… Read More Telematic Drum Circle