::vtol:: cryophone

Sunday Synth Jam: This video documents the Cryophone – a electronic music installation by Moscow media-artist Dmitry Morozov, aka Vtol.  


The Cryophone combines two kinds of coldness in one artpiece: “virtual ice” of digital sound, generated by a synthesizer, and real ice in the form of frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice) that causes a boisterous reaction with water and generates an algorithmic composition on the basis of data gathered from the ongoing reaction.

More info is available at the Vtol site.

6 thoughts on “::vtol:: cryophone

  1. This is really neat, but I wish people that generate these kinds of “live” sound sets would filter out the sustained high frequency screeches. It’s painful to listen to as feedback, sirens, machine whines, etc. Why would I suddenly find it passable from an art installation? But otherwise, really neat stuff. It’s got me thinking of some fun things to try with contact mics and my new zoom h6!

  2. I have been following ::vtol:: for a while, if you haven’t already done so, check out some of his incredible synthesizers and video synthesis documented on vimeo

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