New Cyclops Module Lets You Control Frickin’ Lasers With Your Modular Synthesizer


LZX Industries has announced the first Eurorack-to-ILDA Laser Projector interface – a module designed to let you control lasers with your modular synthesizer.

Cyclops is an interface module which converts modular signals to the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) specification for laser show projectors.

You can use Cyclops with your modular to synthesize a full range of oscillographics patterns and lissajous geometries.


  • 5 channel interface: X & Y Position (+/-5V) and Red, Green & Blue (0-5V.)  Configuration switches on the module rear alternatively allow selection of LZX video standard signals (0-1V.)
  • Voltage Control Input, Voltage Control Attenuator and Bias Control per input channel.
  • Input inversion switches for X & Y voltage control inputs.
  • Master XY scale control sets overall size of laser image.
  • ILDA standard differential output drivers for each channel to ILDA standard DB25 connector port.  A DB25 serial cable is all you need to connect this module to a wide range of compatible laser projectors.
  • Selectable low-pass filters on X & Y channels with settings for 20KPPS and 30KPPS projectors & filter bypass.
  • Compatible with TTL RGB and Analogue RGB color lasers.
  • Interlock & Shutter switches for remote control of laser projector.

The Cyclops is expected to be available in August 2016. See the LZX Industries site for details.

10 thoughts on “New Cyclops Module Lets You Control Frickin’ Lasers With Your Modular Synthesizer

  1. I have never seen anything more influenced by Robert Henke than this module. Robert basically wrote the book on creative use of ILDA, and now Robert is using modular, and this happens. It’s glorious.

    1. ILDA has been creatively used a lot longer than Robert Henke has been using lasers. Don’t get me wrong Henke does great and amazing work but he isn’t the first nor will he be the last to creatively use ILDA. Many people have built custom analog synthesizers (many of them one offs) to control lasers through ILDA, but I guess thats not creative… 😛

  2. “Wrote the book on creative use of ILDA”??????

    Laser shows have been driven by analog synths since 1965…

    Lowell Cross, Ivan Dryer, Carson Jefferies… etc come to mind…

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