Wallander WIVI Saxophone Collections

Wallander Instruments has introduced two brass/reed collections, Saxophones 1 and 2. The Saxophones 1 collection, based on the traditional quartet, contains 12 instruments—three each of baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano saxophone. Saxophones 2 expands the timbral range with 15 instruments—three each of bass, C melody, mezzo-soprano, C soprano, and sopranino saxophones. The synthesis technology that… Read More Wallander WIVI Saxophone Collections

Arturia Brass 2.0

At the 2009 NAMM Show, Arturia introduced Brass 2, featuring virtual recreations of three wind instruments – a trumpet, a saxophone and a trombone. The characteristics of the real instruments have been analysed and modelled by Ircam Paris using mathematical algorithms. Here’s what’s new in Brass version 2.0: New physical modelling of the saxophone Two… Read More Arturia Brass 2.0

Amazing New Tenor Saxophone Virtual Instrument

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs1rk6M-n60 SampleModeling has announced an amazingly realistic virtual instrument, Tenor Saxophone: We are proud to present the result of our collaboration with Stefano Lucato. Stefano was the developer, along with Dr. Giorgio Tommasini, of the Stradivari Violin and the Gofriller Cello. Stefano Lucato & Samplemodeling created the next groundbreaking virtual instrument: the Tenor Saxophone! It´s… Read More Amazing New Tenor Saxophone Virtual Instrument

VSTi Ueberschall Liquid With Melodyne Technology

Celemony Software has announced that it is licensing the technology behind its unique audio application Melodyne to the Hannover-based sample manufacturer, Ueberschall, which has used it to develop a completely new family of flexible VST instruments. The first instruments in this truly remarkable VSTi series are the Liquid Saxophone and Liquid Electric Bass, which will… Read More VSTi Ueberschall Liquid With Melodyne Technology