strng Physical Modeling String Synthesizer For iOS

Developer Erik Sigth has introduced Strng – a iOS string synthesiser, inspired by the Karplus-Strong algorithm. In Karplus-Strong synthesis, an exciter impulse – like a burst of noise – is looped through a filtered delay line. This model can be used to simulate the way sounds resonate within some types of instruments. 

New String & Choir Synth For Windows, Serenity H.G. Fortune has introduced Serenity – a software synthesizer designed for creating choir and string pad sounds. It’s not designed to emulate specific vintage string or choir synths, according to the developer, but is ‘more about heading towards the future’. Features: 2 x PCM wave oscillators with 128 waves in 2 banks as primary soundsources… Read More New String & Choir Synth For Windows, Serenity

Free Windows Synth Inspired By Arp Solina String Ensemble

eSLine is a virtual string machine instrument, inspired by the Arp Solina String Ensemble. It’s one of several retro-styled instruments for Windows available at Elektrostudio. Features: Cello, bass, viola, violin, trumpet and horn. 16 patches. Fully automated knobs with MIDI learn possibility. Built in phaser, echo and chorus. via myVST