XOXX Composer Is ‘A Music Box For The Digital Era’

Axel Bluhme’s XOXX Composer is a tangible beat sequencer that uses magnets stuck to wheels to sequence cyclical rhythms. XOXX Composer features eight rotating discs, so eight sound samples can be sequenced at one time. Each disc is quantized into 16 steps. Below each disc there is a physical interface for pitch tuning and volume output. Here’s a demo of… Read More XOXX Composer Is ‘A Music Box For The Digital Era’

Reactable Live Synthesizer (Video Demo)

http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=F9A8C56EEC30778C This set of videos offers an introduction to the Reactable Live tangible sequencer and synthesizer. It covers: Generators Effects and filters Controllers Global controllers Performance tricks At the end, there’s a demo performance, which makes more sense after seeing how the tangible sequencing blocks are used. The Reactable retails for US $12.500. See the… Read More Reactable Live Synthesizer (Video Demo)