Robert Rich Announces New Live Album

Robert Rich, the extraordinary ambient electronic musician, is planning to release a new album in January. Rich uses a variety of classic and modern analog equipment, along with acoustic instruments, to create deep sound environments.

“Calling Down the Sky” will be a live CD from an improvised concert in Denver, with all new music. According to Rich, the style of “Calling Down the Sky” lies somewhere close to the dark melodic sound of Trances/Drones. The concert is continuous flow from section to section, with no rhythm.

Rich offers an explanation of his inspiration:

“Heavy weather tailed me during Summer 2003, as I circled the country giving concerts. From wind storms in the desert to tornadoes in the Midwest, flooding in the East and lightning on the high plains, the sky exerted its influence.

“All came into focus during this improvised house concert in Denver, a journey joined by a circle of 26 friends. A dialog between music and the elements took form like a shamanic exchange, an act of supplication in respect to stronger forces, calling down the sky to return a gift from the clouds.”

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