Epitonic lets you sample “cutting edge” and alternative music with free audio streams for a variety of genres. You can also download mp3’s of many cuts.

Epitonic features independent and underground musicians from around the world. They try to find quality MP3’s, so you don’t find yourself wading through a bunch of junk to find a few good tracks.

While you can download tracks from Epitonic, its focus is on helping you find interesting new music. They’ve got a good range of new electronica that you can stream, and lots of MP3 samples. Epitonic provides streams for house, techno, breakbeat, ambient, trance and other types of electronica. Their goal is to introduce you to new music and encourage you to get the music at one of their affiliated retailers.

Free downloads are provided for classical “experimental” composers, like Henry Cowell, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Lou Harrison, and Charles Dodge. Popular electronica is well represented, too, including Air, Bjork, The Black Dog, BT, John Digweed, Gorillaz, Ladytron, Timo Maas, Paul Oakenfold, and Orbital.

Epitonic makes it easy to sample a wide range of interesting music. Best of all, you can download free MP3’s, and know its legal and its helping independent musicians connect with new audiences.

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