Angelic Vocal Pads – New Release from Precision Sound

Angelic Vocal PadsAngelic Vocal Pads, the latest release from Precisionsound, is designed to put the sound of a choir of angels at your fingertips.

Angelic Vocal Pads (AVP) is a new sampleset for Gigasampler, HALion & Kontakt samplers. Precisionsound calls it “The missing link between the workstation synthesizer choirs and real classical choir samples.”

These Enya “sound alike” vocal pads have been recorded with two different female singers, alt and soprano. The pads include samples of each singing “AAA”, “OOO” & “MMM”, note by note chromatically, treated, filtered and seamlessly looped.

Each SampleSet contains:

  • 3 programs for the Gigasampler versions (16 bit 44.1KHZ Stereo); “Normal”, “Slow attack” and “No release”
  • 5 programs for the HALion, Kontakt versions (24 bit 44.1 KHZ Stereo): “Normal”, “v1″,”v2″,”Velocity” & “Mix”

The Gigasampler versions are 100% compatible with all virtual samplers supporting the Gigasampler format, like HALion, Kontakt, EXS-24 and Emulator X.

Angelic Vocal Pads is divided into 6 different SampleSet, but also available in a SampleSet BUNDLE or on CD-Rom.

Both the Giga and HALion/Kontakt Sets are included when ordering. Demos MP3s and additional information is available at the Precisionsound site.

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