NAMM – Roland DS Series Digital Monitors

Roland MonitorsRoland introduced a new monitoring solution, the DS-8/-7/-5 active reference series, at the 2004 NAMM Summer Session.

The DS series delivers high-resolution performance with precise imaging, ultra-low coloration, and smooth, balanced energy output. Premium-grade discrete amp circuits and film capacitors provide the purest signal path. The new DS line is ideally suited for professional and project studios, fixed and mobile broadcast facilities, or any other recording/mixing environment where superior, transparent sound quality and accuracy are essential.

The DS series offers pristine, 24-bit audio handling (up to 192 kHz) for a truly all-digital signal path. Each monitor is equipped with digital inputs (AES/EBU, coax, and optical) and analog inputs (Neutrik 1/4″/XLR), which enable connectivity to a wide range of recording and workstation environments, including Roland’s VS-Series and other new-generation devices and formats.

Only the high grade, discrete amp circuits and film capacitors are employed in this benchmark line. The analog, digital, and power components are absolutely isolated, ensuring pure, low-noise performance. The DS series, features a rich, accurate sound field with exceptional stereo imaging and a consistent “flat” frequency response.

Interference from TV, radio, and other electronic devices is a thing of the past, thanks to the newly designed shielded cabinets that allow the DS monitors to be placed in close proximity to video monitors and computer screens. The power switch is located on the front panel for optimum convenience, and the highly efficient heat-sink power amplifier is fully compatible with IEC60065 safety standards.

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