Toontracks Introduces dfh Superior v1.3.0

Toontrack has released an updated version of the ultimate Drumkit from Hell, dfh Superior.

New Features:

  • New graphics with a smaller construction window among other things
  • E-Drum support with Continuous Controller
  • E-Drum saves (.dfh)
  • Sound preview and midi playback in construction window (change instruments in realtime)
  • No loading times at all in Construction window (you need to install the soundstat installation or install the SoundFileUpdate)
  • Cache state is now remembered when opening a saved project
  • Save presets in construction page now possible
  • MB Count in Edit Instruments Window
  • Restart and Settings added to Edit instruments Window
  • Aftertouch added to fade instrument (for e-drummers)
  • New Manual (replaces the one that came with the box)
  • Project files and Tutorial for Logic, Sonar, Pro Tools, DP & Cubase (PC & MacOSX)

The update is available as a free download from the Toontracks site.

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