Cyndustries Announces Mac mini Synth Module

Mac Modular SynthesizerCyndustries has announced a custom synthesizer modular built around the new Apple Mac mini. The Cynthia Macintosh promises to bring a whole new level of integration between worlds of analog and computer-based synthesis.

Cyndustries’ Cynthia Webster notes “You can go from your analog modular oscillators and filters – into digital audio effects plug-ins, and then right back to analog, and if you like the results can be recorded right there in your rig – using your favorite digital audio workstation software!”

Cydustries is developing a Cynthia brand Major Monitor – a color 16:9 aspect ratio LCD screen with built-in stereo audio speaker ports mounted into a six-module wide MegaPanels.

There is also a four-module wide Cynthia brand Medium Monitor displaying the traditional Academy aspect ratio. This allows a complete Macintosh with MIDI to CV conversion and a monitor to fit into a single Cynthia SixPac!

Cyndustries Mac Mini

Both monitors feature 4,000 x 4,000 zone resolution touch screen technology that can eliminate the use of a mouse in all but the most demanding applications.

More information is available at the Cydustries site.

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