Wizoo Expands & Updates Xphraze

Wizoo has unveiled the first five Xpansions for Xphraze, as well as the official release of version 1.2. Xphraze now supports AU for Logic 7 users.

All five expansions contain new phrases, styles and combis recorded and programmed by professional sound designers and musicians from all over the globe.

Designed to cover a range of styles from movie scores to Industrial, each expansion offers a rich selection of new and amazing samples and sounds that let you instantly increase the possibilities of your Xphraze.

Analog Impact by Christian Halten and Jörg Hüttner

From Mr. Nice Guy to Dirty Gabba Analog Impact serves up pulsing riffs and floating pads that are perfect for Ambient, Drum and Bass and Industrial music.

105 Combis and over 200 patches featuring deluxe samples of synthesizer classics such as Jupiter 8, Korg MS20, Prophet VS, Prophet 5, Yamaha CS01 and more.

All of the Combis are preprogrammed with special Modwheel, Pitchbend and Aftertouch variations and offer a lot of fun and variety.

Chronic Beatz by LA Riot

Rolling with the funky phrases and big rocking beats you will explore the field of Nu Hip Hop and R’n’B. 50 Combis, and 334 patches and phrases from California’s legendary Nu Hip Hop Sound Designers.

Mad Synth Explosion by Matthias Klag

These 100 Combis, 209 Patches and 87 Phrazes are full of unexpected morphing and vector sounds, lively synth patches- and basslines and some seriously cranked up FX. Every Combi is ready to plug and play, from distorted FX to melodic patterns, an invitation to compose and arrange your music. This Xpansion also contains high end drum recordings and samples from a speech synthesizer allowing you to create your own rhythmic sentences.

At The Club by Cem Oral aka Jammin’ Unit

An Xpansion built for electro, funky techno and house essentials. Made by producers from the clubscene, featuring samples from hi end studio sessions and prooves how versatile Xphraze can be. An individual, great sounding tool box for producers of electronic dance music featuring 80 Combis for professional clubbing.

Trance Explosion by Pop

This Xpansion features 121 Combis consisting of the hi-quality samples of analog equipment that made trance what it is today. Brand new soundbanks arming you with brand new tools for trance, goa, hardcore and relatives.

Priced at USD 49.00 each, Xphraze Xpansions are available directly at www.wizoosounds.com (online). In addition, Wizoo is offering a package of all five Xpansions for USD 199.00.

All Xpansions include Xphraze 1.2 but the new version can also be downloaded at http://www.wizoo.com.

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