AirtightGarage Intros Betsy Tonebuster 115

airtight betsy 115TheAirtightGarage, a company that specializes in vintage amp restoration, repair, and custom-made amplifiers, has announced the Tonebuster 115, a forty-five to sixty watt combo utilizing a single fifteen inch driver.

Top mounted controls are two channels of inputs, two volumes, bass, mid, treble, presense, standby, power and a “mid-shift” switch which changes the response of the midrange control.

Tube complement is one 12AY7, one 5751, one 12AT7, two 6L6GC or two 7027A and one GZ34. Standard the Tonebuster 115 comes loaded with JAN 12AY7 and 5751 tubes, a Mullard 12AT7, SED 6L6GC or JAN 7027A and a Mullard GZ34, and an Alnico fifteen inch driver.

Speaker outputs for four and eight ohm loads are standard via quarter inch jacks, and extension cabinets are available. Retail price is $2800.

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