Free Ambient Music & Podcast from Ambient Artist Mark Rushton

Electronica soundscaper and audio artist Mark Rushton recently moved from his old site, Hooray For Vouvray, back to his old location:

“It’s just a matter of simplifying things in my life,” said Rushton, 38, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

To celebrate the change, Rushton offers up a new podcast. It’s his eighth since 2004, but his first at, and it’s to promote his new CD, Hum And Drift.

“Hum and Drift is a fairly quiet and meditative CD,” says Rushton. “There’s a few grooves towards the end, but by and large it’s very floaty and dreamy. It’s perfect for background music while at home, work, or on the road.”

The podcast features an eight and a half minute “megamix” of portions of every track on the CD. Rushton also offers a free MP3 of the track Sunday’s Drift on his web site.

The CD is manufactured and distributed by, a company out of California, and sold exclusively over the internet. “I’ve been a user of their services since 1999. They’re the best!” says Rushton. He also expects the album to be available on iTunes and other download services by the end of the summer.

A free track from the new CD is available for download.

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