Formula Sound Goes Old-School

Formula Sound has chosen PLASA 2005 as the place to unveil its plans for a new, limited edition anniversary model of one of the most popular audio mixers it has ever produced. This will be accompanied by the launch of a brand new audio priority interface, plus an updated edition of its popular AVC2 noise control unit.

PM-80R audio mixer

From its original launch in 1980 the Formula Sound PM-80 proved to be an instant hit with users around the world. At PLASA 2005 the company will announce its plan to celebrate the 25th anniversary of that launch by introducing the PM-80R – an updated anniversary model that combines modern technology with all the elements that made the original version so popular.

Although some details are still unconfirmed the new PM-80R 8-channel mixer will incorporate some subtle design changes which reflect the way in which mixer use has changed over the years.

CX10 audio priority interface unit

PLASA 2005 will also see Formula Sound launch a new product – the CX10 audio priority interface – which builds on the company’s many years of experience in providing audio control units for entertainment venues.

Designed in response to specific demands from the market, the CX10 is a 10-channel analogue unit that enables multi-source audio systems to interface with fire alarms.

Intended to help venues meet increasingly strict fire regulations the CX10 allows emergency messages to override any existing audio input and be simultaneously broadcast into all zones being served by the audio system.

Able to interface with both existing or new sound installations the CX10 is not restricted to use in entertainment venues, and may be used with any sound system where a priority override facility is required.

AVC2 MkII intelligent noise control unit

Also unveiled at PLASA 2005 will be Formula Sound’s AVC2 MII intelligent noise control unit, which builds on the tremendous popularity of the company’s original AVC2 – a unit that helped establish some of today’s industry standards for noise control,

The AVC2 MkII incorporates modern technology which allows it to combine the versatile and reliable automatic level control abilities of its predecessor with some exciting new features to the user. These include the ability to accept a microphone as its audio source, optional twin-mono or single stereo modes, a new easy-to-read display and the prospect of future software upgrades to enhance performance.

The AVC2 MkII only activates once the average signal level being fed to it exceeds the internally set threshold, gradually reducing its own output but without affecting the integrity of the audio passing through it. Despite its impact being virtually undetectable to the listener, the AVC2 MkII prevents the output of the audio system ever exceeding the desired limit.

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