Ashok Prema – Matter

Ashok Prema’s Matter captures a live electronic music concert performed at the  Jodrell Space Center by Ashok Prema and Rob Jenkins in 2002. While a live recording, this is only betrayed by the occasional applause between tracks.

Prema is a UK electronic music artist who’s been performing for twenty years. Rob Jenkins, also known as Red Shift, contributes guitars and synths to the recording.

Matter explores the traditional realms of synth music, especially Berlin-school interlocking sequences. The tracks range from atmospheric, ambient tracks to more driving and melodic sequence-driven ones.

Fans of Tangerine Dream’s best work will find a lot to enjoy in Prema’s music. The TD influence is especially noticeable on Matter of Time, where, about two minutes into the track, a sequence takes off and Jenkin plays long, distorted guitar lines over this.

The tracks mix layered sequences, dreamy pads and distorted guitar melodies. But, like TD dream, some of Ashok Prema’s most interesting music are the soundscapes and synth orchestration between the driving tracks.

Matter is a release that fans of synth music will definitely want to check out. It’s released on AD Music, a UK label that specializes in synth-based instrumental music.


  • Enigma
  • Electric Eyes
  • Matter of Time
  • Galleria
  • Unicorn
  • Radioscope
  • Nature of Abstraction
  • Driftward
  • Illuminate (in memory)
  • Prismatix
  • Coarse Matter
  • Rise
  • Search
  • Matter & Fact

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