NAMM Update: Numark X2 Pro Turntable/MP3 CD Player

Numark X2NAMM 2006 Winter Show: Numark announced the X2 (X-squared) Professional Direct Drive Turntable / MP3 CD Player, a new concept in professional DJ equipment. Equipped with a full size 12-inch aluminum platter, tone arm, and CD drive, the X2 is the one piece of equipment capable of controlling a DJ’s vinyl, CD, or MP3 collection—and doing so with the time tested “old school” vinyl approach. Offering a wealth of features that provide the utmost flexibility as a performance vehicle for professional DJs, the new X2 also makes a formidable addition in permanent club installations where space is at a premium.

With 4.7kgf-cm of torque, Numark’s X2 benefits from the industry’s highest torque direct drive motor—providing the stability and durability professionals demand night after night. Featuring adjustable pitch control and support for both 33 and 45 RPM vinyl records, this exceptional turntable employs an ultra-precise aluminum tonearm with cue, height, and anti-skate adjustments, and accepts straight or S-shaped tonearms by means of its interchangeable tonearm system. With its 12-inch anti-drag aluminum platter designed specifically to reduce friction and its solid core construction that fights vibration and unwanted noise, the X2 is designed for years of trouble-free operation.

For the utmost precision when working with CDs and MP3 CDs, the new X2 provides a special 12-inch vinyl record with spindle locking capability, so no needle is required—facilitating true vinyl “feel” when scratching discs. The X2 also offers adjustable start and brake speeds, along with forward/reverse toggle with Bleep for CD.

As a CD/MP3 disc player, the X2 excels. With full functionality for both standard audio CDs and MP3 CDs (data discs), this unit provides Anti-Shock buffer technology for uninterrupted playback, scratching, seamless looping, and pitch control functionality. The X2 also incorporates key lock capability at any tempo up to ±100%, two hot stutter starts, a 3,000 cue point memory, and includes Numark’s Beatkeeper automatic beat calculation technology .

The unit’s CD transport mechanism features an illuminated slot for easy loading under low light conditions, and there’s a bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display that shows MP3 song titles, BPM, time, and unit status. And with its dual “battle-style” start/stop controls, the new X2 is pleasure to work with. Additionally, the X2 includes anti-vibration height adjustable foot design, a removable aluminum target light, and is user-upgradeable via Internet downloads.

“Numark’s X2 Professional Turntable / MP3 CD Player is an incredibly capable performance tool that offers a long list of features professionals demand—all of which is packaged into a compact form factor that occupies minimal space. For DJs who prefer working with real vinyl and want that same vinyl ‘feel’ when controlling CDs, the X2 is the right tool for the job,” said Numark CEO John O’Donnell.

The X2 Professional Turntable / MP3 CD Player is expected to ship in Q2 of 2006. Numark did not announce pricing.

More information is available at the Numark site.

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