Various – Nude Tempo One

Deep and hard, Nude Tempo One delivers house music with the sexy style that Naked Music has down to a science.

Miguel Migs DJ’s this set of deep house tracks that brings together a tasteful collection of instrumental and vocal dance tracks. The collection serves up a tasty mix of well-known and new talent, all of whom turn in great tracks. As Fatboy Slim once said, “If this don’t make your booty move, your booty must be dead!”

Nude Tempo opens with Endless Bow, which sets the tempo and vibe for the album.Migs lets you know this is a Naked Music release while establishing the sound for the album. This flows into Happiness is Free, a funky vocal number.

The music is smoothly mixed, to the point that no one track stands out, or brings the music to a halt, either. All the tracks keep the four-to-the-floor beat up, and many feature Fender Rhodes keyboards laying down the sexy chords. But, even though the mix is as smooth as it comes, there’s enough variety to keep things interesting, and even make you want to check out work by artists you might not know. Derrick White’s Soul 2 Let Go is true house, while Reel People’s Spiritual has a bit of a Brazilian feel. Lisa Shaw, a Naked veteran, contributes Ultimate High. Her soulful delivery leaves little doubt as to what gives her that Ultimate High.

There are several keys to making a great mix album. There need to be a few tracks by well-known artists to get your attention. There need to be some new artists, to keep you interested. And the tracks need to be tastefully selected and mixed. Migs delivers on all counts.

If you’re not a virgin to getting Naked, you may notice more of a dub vibe to Nude Tempo One. Five of the tracks are dub mixes, with the trippier feel typical of dub mixes. They bring an interesting contrast to the more straight ahead house tracks.

In the end, it’s disco music. But Migs’ Nude Tempo One does it enough style and consistency that you’ll agree that disco lives.


  • Endless Bow [Jimpster Remix] – Hajime Yoshizawa
  • Happiness Is Free [Original Version] – La Onda
  • Love Yourself [Basti and Vincenso Remix] – Blue Six
  • Dream [Deep Dreamer Dub] – Simon Green
  • Show You My Love [Dub] – Louis Benedetti
  • Get Down [Phonicfood Remix]
  • Soul 2 Let Go [Sir Piers and Ed Funk’s Curious Deep Groovedub] 
  • Highly Strung – Headstock
  • You Bring Me Up [Dub] – Miguel Migs
  • Tengo Sed [Ron Trent Drum Mix] – Batidos
  • Spiritual [Distant Music Dub Mix] – Nathan Haines
  • Atmospheric Beats [Original Extended Version] – Kerri Chandler
  • I Can’t Wait – Andy Caldwell
  • Aziza [Silky Club Vocal]
  • Ultimate High – Lisa Shaw
  • Release – Mindflight


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