Precisionsound Releases Carina Accordion Sound Library

Carina AccordianPrecisionsound has released Carina Accordion for HALion/Kontakt/EXS24/Gigastudio & SoundFont.

Carina Accordion is a Multisampled Swedish Hagström Accordion with 7 registers and a separate noise program. All registers has been sampled with belly in/out for all notes and with release samples. The library contains in total 666 24bit WAV files and 9 different programs. One program is a Key Switch multi program (HALion, Kontakt & Gigasampler only) so users have instant access to all registers and noises from C5-C6 on your keyboard.

A special SoundFont program with release samples in separate programs are available for users who using other sample formats.

Carina Accordion costs $59 (+$11 if you want it on CD).

More information and audio demos are available at the Precisionsound site.

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