IK Intros Ampeg SVX Bass Amp Simulator

IK Ampeg BassIK Multimedia, in cooperation with Ampeg, have introduced the world’s first complete recording plug-in solution for bass. Ampeg SVX includes over 20 bass gear emulations, including classic Ampeg signature bass amp models and stomps powered by AmpliTube’s unique DSM (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) technology.

Over 20 bass gear emulations are featured, including classic Ampeg bass amp models like the SVT Classic, B-15W Portaflex “Flip Top”, BA-500 and SVT-4PRO. Select from Ampeg stomps like the SPC-OT Octaver or the SCP-OD Overdrive. Cabinets include the Ampeg B-15R 1×15″ + tweeter, Ampeg PB212H 2×12″ + tweeter, Ampeg BA-500 2×10″ + tweeter, Ampeg BXT-410H 4×10″ + tweeter, Ampeg SVT-410H 4×10″ + tweeter, and the Ampeg SVT-810E 8×10. Mic modeling in Ampeg is based on the AKG D-20, AKG C-414, Electrovoice RE-20, Neumann U87, Sennheiser MD-421, and the Shure SM57.

Mix and match between amps and cabinets of the most sought-after Ampeg gear to produce 24 bass amp combinations. Ampeg SVX is a complete bass-rig plug-in with multiple amps, cabinets, stomps and a tuner. Plus, you’ll have a complete bass pedal board with 6 fully configurable stomp effects. Also, you have 5 controls of the midrange allowing you to place the midrange frequency from 220 to 3kHz.

With high-level control you are able to set the level of the tweeter response from tweeter off to 0dB giving you maximum control of the high-end sound output of the cabinet. Ampeg gives anyone the ability to mix and match between bass amps and cabinets of the most sought-after Ampeg gear to produce 24 amazing bass amp combinations to craft your own unique tone.

Easy to use with hundreds of presets ready to go. For the first time any musician, songwriter and producer can have a complete, “all-in-one” solution for bass recording. Not just for bass players, Ampeg SVX will give you that great bass sound you just can’t get by plugging directly into a console or computer.


  • World’s first complete recording plug-in solution for bass
  • 4 modules: Tuner, Stomp, Amp, Cabinet+Mic selection and placement
  • 4 signature Ampeg bass amps modeled (BA-500, B-15R “Portaflex”, SVT-CL, and the SVT-4PRO)
  • 6 signature Ampeg cabinet models (BA-500 2×10″, SVT-410H 4×10″,SVT-810E 8×10″, PB-212H 2×12″, Ampeg B-15R 1×15″, BXT-410H 4×10″) with 6 microphone emulations in 4 positions each
  • 24 bass amp combinations
  • 8 analog modeled stomps on 6 slots with flexible routing (Chorus, Delay, Octaver, Wah, Envelope Filter, Overdrive and Compressor)
  • High-Precision Tuner
  • Ultra accurate analog modeling with DSM™ technology “Powered by AmpliTube”
  • All effects can be synchronized to your host sequencer’s BPM
  • Supports all major plug-in platforms on Mac and PC

Price & Availability

Ampeg SVX has an MSRP of $399/€329. All customers of AmpliTube 2 full or upgrade, AmpliTube 1 full, LIVE and LE are eligible for the cross-grade to Ampeg SVX for just $249/€199(VAT excluded). Ampeg SVX is currently available from IK Multimedia and its distributor/dealer network worldwide.

More information is available at the IK Multimedia site.

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