Blacet Modular Synth Update

John Blacet sent an update about the status of the Blacet modular synth line.

He’s introduced three new modules, the Bar Graph Display, Scanner and VC Switch. The Scanner and VC Switch came out of his Too Many Panels design contest, showing that, when life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade.

MD2600 Scanner

  • Under manual or voltage control, this module selects from one of three inputs and sends it to the output.
  • Use for audio or CV selection. Full +/-15V range.
  • On board trimmers allow selectable amount of overlap between inputs and size of voltage steps for scanning.
  • MD2600 Kit: $71.
  • MD2600 Assembled: $95.

MD2650 Sequential Switch

  • Bidirectional signal routing with full +/-15V range.
    • 3 in — 1 Out
    • 1 In — 3 Out
  • Use for audio or CV sequencing.
  • Built in or external clock.
  • MD2650 Kit: $69.
  • MD2650 Assembled: $88.

Bar Graph Display

  • New Bar Graph Analog LED Display Module
  • DC to Audio
  • -10V to +10V

Four modules are scheduled to be retired:

  • Final Filtre
  • Frequency Divider (running very low)
  • Quad VCA (2200) (plenty of stock)
  • Dual Filter

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