NAMM: Bizarre New Harmonic Table MIDI controller

c-thru-music hex keyboardOne of the most interesting new MIDI controllers introduced at the 2007 NAMM Show was C-Thru Music’s bizarre AXiS-64 MIDI controller.

Unique to the AXiS is its key area, invented by Peter Davies, which is based on the Harmonic Table. According to C-Thru Music, the arrangement of notes helps you understand note relationships and create as you never have before.

You can stretch more than four octaves with one hand, find harmony notes and play rich chords easily, and play low and high notes with either or both hands and without crossing hands.

AXiS is a made to order professional quality MIDI controller, with a sturdy metal case. Onboard are pitchbend and mod wheels, as well as two rotary controls. There are sockets for two-foot controls or foot switches and the AXiS can calibrate almost any external control with ease.

Here’s a top view of the keyboard’s layout.

c-thru hex keyboard

“With the right guidance, it’s the easiest and quickest way to learn musical theory I’ve seen, and I’ve tested it on myself and many others, including children.” says Davies

“The Harmonic Table is a map of musical structure where visual pattern translates into sound pattern and vice versa.” “It’s an overview of musical structure that’s more accessible; a great compositional tool that will allow musicians to find a wealth of melodies and note combinations that they’d be unlikely to find on other instruments.”

C-Thru Music intends to develop the AXiS-64 as well as designing new products using the Harmonic Table.

“This has amazing potential and I’m looking forward to hearing what people make of it,” comments C-Thru’s Andrew Llewellyn. “It’s a lot easier to play than it looks.

The key surface makes it easy to slide from note to note, or to play two or three notes per finger. It’s fun to learn and you soon get to know your way around. It’s almost intuitive, and after a while seems quite natural.”

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