SONiVOX Intros Bent & Dirty Loop Collections

Bent circuits loop libraryNAMM Show update: Sonivox announced the release of its first collection of loop titles, called LoopLine. Sonivox LoopLine titles feature a mix of street-current beats and sound textures with very high-end production techniques.

LOOPLINE titles also feature very unique content. Its premier title Bent Circuits packages up a set of beats and sounds from Bent Instrument producer Ben Cantil of Boston, MA. Ben takes apart toys, synths, gameboys and other miscellaneous gadgets and repurposes the stolen circuits into strange but beautiful sonic beats and textures. Over 450 loops and sonic beds are included in this huge 2.5 gigabyte DVD.

Sonivox is debuting the collection under the banner of the company’s new “Get heard” promotional campaign. Among other things, “Get heard” will feature an opportunity for musicians and composers to submit songs and tracks created with Sonivox’ new LoopLine products, and have them posted on the SONiVOX website (subject to approval by Sonivox), to generate worldwide exposure. Entries will be judged by SONiVOX’s in-house panel of sound experts on a periodic basis, and composers of winning entries will receive free products from the Sonivox catalogue.

Says Sonivox president, Jennifer Hruska, “To be perfectly honest I hadn’t given loops much attention because I’d never heard any that were both unique and really well produced. But once my engineers put LoopLine in front of me, I was sold. This stuff is both very cool, and fits perfectly with our new Get heard campaign. I can’t wait to hear what musicians do with this material.”

LoopLine Titles:

  • Bent Circuits – A huge collection of beats and textures from Ben Cantil’s secret laboratory of modified toys, synths, gameboys and other miscellaneous electronic gadgets. The drum loops are sequenced in a broad range of styles including hip-hop, electro, idm, glitch, jungle, gabba and breaks. Over 450 loops, a large assortment of single hits and FX, as well as many “beds” ranging from surreal synths to 8-bit noisescapes. 450+ Loops – 2.5GB of Samples
  • Dirty Drums – A huge collection of topped out processed drum kit and drum machine loops. Produced by industry veteran Andy Macpherson of Revolution Studios UK (Buzzcocks, The Who, Del La Soul, Teenage Fanclub, others), the loop library gives you over 500 loops of distorted rhythms, breakbeat fodder and general sonic mayhem. 510 Loops – 1GB of samples
  • World Beats – World Beats features hand percussion instruments from around the world performed by great players and recorded/edited by world renowned producer Andy Macpherson at Revolution Studios UK. Everything from brazilian rhythms to calypso to swing to Indian ragas, the scope in this collection is amazing. 491 Loops – 1GB of samples
  • Analogue Kits – Big, fat, juicy analog drums from the classic Simmons line of drum synthesizers. Whether you’re into the current 80’s nostalgia or looking for something completely new, this DVD packs a wholloping 895 loops to your arselnal of beats. Produced by studio wizard Andy Macpherson at Revolution Studios UK. 895 Loops – 1.9GB of samples
  • Brushed Beats – A much requested loop library of brushed drums set to contemporary rhythms. It may not be fancy or cutting edge, but this set of loops is a work horse that won’t be sitting on your shelf any time soon. Over 7 Gigabytes of material and featuring such loop rarities as shuffles, 6/8 and 12/8 grooves, brush drums are constantly used by drummers when needing to inject some feeling and subtle aspects to drum tracks. 1214 Loops, 491 Hits – 7.1 Gigabytes.
  • Chocolate Sticks Vol.1 – A huge (and yummy) collection of beautifully produced classic drum set loops and hits produced by Simone Coen of Chocolate Audio (lead engineer for much of the acclaimed Scarbee drum virtual instruments). Another work horse collection, Chocolate Sticks includes perfectly timed and perfectly mixed loops with a huge collection of perfectly matched hits. 1193 Loops, 651 Hits – 8.6 Gigabytes.
  • Melted Hits – Melted Hits takes brushed drum loops and mixes, mangles, distorts and otherwise melts them in a way that they hardly resemble their brushed origin. Fitting any music situation from rock to experimental, soundtrack to gabreilesque landscapes, these 629 loops will contribute life to any arrangement. 629 Loops – 3.9 Gigabytes.

All SONiVOX LoopLine titles are Mac and PC compatible and include Acid/Wav, AppleLoop, AIFF and REX2 formats. Works with almost any music software.

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