Spend Two Hours With DJ Vivie-Ann

DJ Vivie -Ann

The latest DJ in our series of Chicks that Mix is 23-year-old Montreal native Vivie-Ann.

Spend Two Hours With DJ Vivie-AnnVivie-Ann says her sets cover everything house with a hint of ping or pong – anything that makes hands fly in the air. When asked to describe her sound, Vivie-Ann says it’s “bump in the night with a little dynamite,” adding that her sets could also be called “morally immoral.”

A six-year student of conservatory piano and a graduate of McGill University’s computer science program, she currently holds residencies at Palladium in Acapulco, Hulala in Rome Mokai in Miami, and last year in Ibiza @ Penelope.

Vivie-Ann released her first major remix release in 2006, an amped-up version of Kobbe & Austin Leed’s Bodyshaker. Vivie-Ann is now concentrating on production with her partner, DJ Kevin Barnett for their DJ collective, 02music, and the launch of their new DJ-inclined clothing line, ADD (Addicted DJ Designs).

You can preview Vivie-Ann’s work below, or download free MP3 mixes at her management site.

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