CME Ships USB To MIDI Cable

CME Ships USB To MIDI Cable

It may not be the sexiest gear announcement in years, but CME’s new U2MIDI is welcome, nonetheless. CME calls the U2MIDI the “world’s first USB cable-like MIDI interface.” The U2MIDI features a MIDI-to-USB cable, providing 1 MIDI-IN, 1 MIDI-OUT, support plug-and-play and compatibility with Macintosh and Windows system.

Windows users should note that XP is required.

The U2MIDI are now available for $34.95 US MSRP.

U2MIDI Features:

  • Cable-like USB MIDI interface providing 1 MIDI-IN, 1 MIDI-OUT, USB 2.0 full speed transmission
  • Faster respond than normal USB MIDI interface
  • MIDI-to-USB plug-and-play, USB class-compliant
  • USB bus powered, and an indication LED

System Requirements:

  • PC with Windows XP
  • Mac OS 9.0.4 or higher
  • Computer with USB port

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  2. I just now realized that I have needed this for years.

    Farewell 1998 Midisport… it's been a long, interesting, and turbulent relationship, but we must finally part ways.

  3. i need some of the USB midi cables but i don't know how i can get them here in Uganda please contact me and inform me on how i can acquire them otherwise they are very nice cables

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