The Chromatone CT-312 Keyboard

Chromatone CT-312 Keyboard

The earlier post about the Terpstra keyboard made me think about this bizarre keyboard bad boy, the Chromatone CT-312.

According to the manufacturer, the CT-312 was developed as an instrument for music training based on the “Chromatic system (Muto music method)”.

“It would be greatly appreciated if this product becomes profitable presentation for the musician besides each musical instrument manufacturer and the Educator,” according to the site.

Here’s a video of the Chromatone in action, in case you’re interested in considering that profitable presentation for the musician:

11 thoughts on “The Chromatone CT-312 Keyboard

  1. The keyboard is called a “Janko” keyboard, and it was invented in 1882 by Paul von Janko. Check out the following link to see a picture gallery of several models (many of which are piano’s, not MIDI keyboards). Note the red MIDI keyboard model next to the picture of the Chromatone; it rocks and I want one in my setup.

    As a side remark, if anyone can order MIDI-equipped janko keyboards, or has one they’d like to sell, I’m interested. E-mail me at *[email protected] (remove the “*”, which was added to avoid spam bots).

  2. Synth fan

    Thanks for the great feedback. The Janko seems to have gone the way of the Dvorak keyboard for typing.

    I wonder if the benefits of the Janko’s fingering flexibility are not enough to compensate for the increased training needed and the reduced “muscle memory” a keyboard like this is likely to have.

  3. How’s this Janko keyboard work? Is this to get you microtonal intervals, or is it to make regular 12-tone music easier to play somehow?

  4. Allen, nothing to do with microtones. This keyboard simplifies fingering and cuts down practice time by a factor of twelve, because what you learn for one key holds good for all the other 11. This means your kids can learn to play this thing and still enjoy a childhood! You can try one out with your mouse on my website.

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