Free Album Showcases Kaossilator’s Capabilities

KaossilatorA while back , we featured 7 Days Microsleep, a free album that was made entirely on the Tenori-On.

The album was inspirational in the way it used one instrument for all the sounds, but the Tenori-On is out of reach for a lot of musicians.

Gary Kibler has created a similar project, The Yellow Album, using the more affordable Korg Kaossilator, which retails for about $200:

Produced and performed exclusively on the Korg Kaossilator. No other effects, EQ or sounds were added other than those incorporated in the original device. Audio was recorded directly off the unit and the only edits performed externally were simple volume balancing.

You can preview Kibler’s Loop of Evil below. Download the full CD at ReverbNation.

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