New Music Interfaces

You may remember Peter Bennett and his steampunk music sequencer. Here’s a series of videos from Bennett feature other interesting new interfaces for music.

The Virtual Drum

A haptic force feedback device that simulates the feel of a drum, designed as part of Bennett’s MEng in Cybernetics at the University of Reading. The switch held in the left hand is used to turn the virtual drum upside down (and also increases the pitch of the drum)


Not strictly for music – an interactive art installation at the Big Blip digital art festival ’06, Brighton, UK. Users influence the movement of the virtual swarm through the use of two pucks moved across the tabletop.

The Petecube

This is a demo video that shows the possibilities for combining a variety of sensors in one simple cube.

PETECUBE is a research project investigating the integration of touch with both sound and vision.

The focus is on musical instruments, as they provide an excellent platform for experimentation. The result is a range of musical instruments that explore different modalities of interaction.

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