David Wright – Momentum

David Wright MomentumMomentum, the latest release from UK artist David Wright, is a generous helping of lush symphonic electronica.

It’s another great release on the AD Label, which is home to Robert Fox, Code Indigo, Ashok Prema, Richard Bone and many others.

Momentum is a studio reworking of music Wright performed at a recent Gatherings concert in the US. Here’s how Wright explains the genesis of the album:

“The music on Momentum came out of a 2007 concert in Philadelphia, USA, where I intended to premier music from a new studio album Dreams and Distant Moonlight.

But things didn’t go according to plan and the day before the concert I changed the set in favour of a mainly improvised one. The decision was an instinctive artistic reaction to the wonderful surroundings, people and venue that prompted a desire to experiment and do something completely different for the occasion.

It was also helped somewhat by having access to a powerful Alesis Andromeda A6 synth, (courtesy of Radio host and concert organizer Chuck van Zyl) which helped take my rehearsals into new musical territory.

And so, quite unintentionally, Momentum was conceived and presented in my first Stateside appearance”

Wright packs about 70 minutes of music, made up 13 tracks, into the album. The tracks flow into each other, forming two larger sections. The music ranges from ambient music and environmental sound to percolating downtempo electronica.

Throughout the album, Wright explores beautiful, complex electronic sounds. But, while much of the music is mellow and relaxing, Wright avoids the trap of getting overly sweet.

Two tracks on the first half of the album, Desire – Parts I & II, are so gently and lushly orchestrated that you just want to wallow in the sound of it. But Wright also skillfully weaves in sections like Panic Attack that are edgier and darker.

While the first half of the album leans more towards symphonic electronica, the second half contrasts ambient pieces like Secrets In The Mist with the more driving, modern synth music sound of Momentum.

While I hear shades of Blade Runner era Vangelis on this album, especially on tracks like Panic Attack and Momentum 3, Wright’s own distinct voice shapes the entire release.

Momentum builds on what Wright’s done previously, but it also moves his music forward, with some of his most sensual music ever. The music has beautiful melodies and lush sounds, but they are balanced with surprises in his arrangements and sounds that border on noise.

I really like David Wright’s Momentum – to my ears, it’s his best release yet.

You can preview Momentum at the AD site, and other work at his page on MySpace.

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