New Mellotron Sample Library For Halion

AudioWarrior has introduced a new Mellotron sample library.

Unlike the original Mellotron, though, these 8 -econd samples have been looped for the modern world. The loops may be turned off to recapture the vintage effect of certain voices ending at variable times.

The Mellotron followed its direct ancestor the Chamberlin which was, in effect, the world’s first sample-playback keyboard. The heart of the instrument is a bank of magnetic audio tapes (these original tapes were parallel linear, not looped as has sometimes been reported or presumed), each tape with approximately eight seconds of playing time; playback heads underneath each key enables performers to play the pre-recorded sound assigned to that key when pressed.

Preview Mellotron below:


Instruments And Sounds

  • Brass 2
  • Brass 3
  • Cello Octavious
  • Cello Octavious Violin
  • Cello
  • Chorus 1 Ohhh
  • Chorus 2 Ohhh
  • Chorus 3 Ohhh
  • Clarinettes
  • Female Choir [15]
  • Female Choir [1]
  • Flute Ovtavious
  • Organ
  • Strawberry Flute
  • Tronbone Trumpet Sax
  • Trumpet Trombone
  • Vinat Choir
  • Vint Tron Strings
  • Choir Aug [15]
  • Male Choir [15]
  • Choir [15]
  • Violins Cello
  • Violins Octavious
  • Violins Cello Strings

Available now for download for $49.

*Requires HALion 3.1 or higher Windows XP | Vista | Mac OS X

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