Cwejman Intros More Cool Modular Synth Gear! And We Still Can’t Pronounce Their Name Right!

Cwejman has introduced a new batch of synth modules that are pretty much guaranteed to have you drooling.

I’ve got an MOTM-style system, which I love, but the flood of cool modules from Cwejman, Livewire and others are tempting me really bad.

Here’s an MP3 of some Cwejman modular synth madness:


Here’s the info on the new modules:

  • The MX-7 is a seven channel voltage controlled mixer. It consist of seven “state-of-the-art” voltage controlled amplifiers which can be routed by switches to main outputs (A and B). All channels has the mute control, as well.
  • The CRV-24 is a four band crossover with 24 dB/octave for all slopes. Crossover frequencies can be controlled manually and by attenuable CV signals. The incomming signal INPUT is splitted in four bands; LP (24 dB/oct low pass filter, MID1 (high pass and low pass), MID2 (high pass and low pass) and HP (high pass filter).
  • The DEL-4 is a high audio quality four channel delay module. It’s so called “open system” and which means that all inputs, outputs and controllers can be coupled (routed) to external modules, such as modulators/modifiers and mixers for maximal flexibility. The DL-4 consist of for identical delay lines.
  • The FL-2 is a high audio quality stereo flanger. It accept both mono and stereo audio signal. The FL-2 has build-in a quadrature modulator (LFO) for spatial/stereo flanging effects.
  • The QVC-4 is an advanced joystick controller for controlling of build-in four quality voltage controlled amplifiers and more…
PS: I think Cwejman is pronounced shway-man. Set me straight in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Cwejman Intros More Cool Modular Synth Gear! And We Still Can’t Pronounce Their Name Right!

  1. “svy-man” is right according to the Sound on Sound review of the Cwejman S1.

    “shway-man” is only right according to that dude who made that lame Youtube video to show off his gear.

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