Pianoid Physical Modeling Piano

Overview of The Pianoid.

The Pianoid synthesizes not only the sounds of a piano, but their behavior as dictated by the specifics of a musical performance. The Pianoid is an idealized piano model. Users can create and save as presets the characteristics of any existing piano or related instrument, such as a harpsichord, glockenspiel — even imaginary combinations.

The Pianoid offers the real-time experience of an actual piano. It mirrors all the effects of an actual performance: pressure upon the keys, the striking of chords, pedal-pressure, and so forth.

The Pianoid’s computational ability takes into consideration the significant parameters of a sound’s production, beginning with the setting or damping of strings, the hammers’ firmness, and their place of contact. Any resulting sonic dispersal or resonance is then recreated in relation to other factors, such as the inertia of a sounding board or pedal work. These audible effects and their dynamic interaction are all replicated.

Video via Audiofanzine

6 thoughts on “Pianoid Physical Modeling Piano

  1. What’s up with their audio demos?
    I went to their home page and downloaded the mp3s, they are absolutely horrible! It does not even resemble piano sound, more like cheap 80’s casio. Has someone hacked their pages or what?

  2. no, the pages are ok and the sounds are not perfect. The difference between cheap casio and pianoid is true overtones. Sapmlers can’t afford it. when play yourself, you feel it very clear.
    The sample records in the blog will update till end of the week. Check us.

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