Sexy Moon Modular Trigger Sequencer

The Moon Modular 563 is a Moog modular format trigger sequencer. Four rows of toggles control eight steps of four trigger voices.

Per YuSynth:

This Moon Modular 563 module is apparently the commercial version of a module that was custom-made for Gert Jalass. For Xmas 2006, Gert Jalass sent me a Xmas card showing his sequencer unit including two prototypes of the module that were labelled 963. This is a four voices 8 steps trigger sequencers.

Each switch has three states: Trigger on, OFF, reset.

The pulse width of the triggers can be adjusted independantly for each row.

The module has a clock of its own, but each row can be independantly driven by an external clock.

Here’s a video from MoonModular that shows the modular in action:

The Moon Modular site is pretty cryptic, so it’s not clear yet if this is a commercial product or a sexy DIY project.

via Matrix

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