Isidore, The Modular Synth Robot

Isidore is the funky modular synth of DamagedMeat:

This video is a demonstration of the latest version of Isidore with a screen in the head displaying waveforms and Lissajou shapes comin’ out from the MFB Videoscope module.

All sounds by Doepfer A100 except micromoog bass in the 1st part and little melody in the 2nd one. The theme is played live by the A100, MIDI sequenced by a protools. The red and white lights are controlled by MIDI and CV.

Here’s an earlier, crappier video of Isidore in action:

Says DamagedMeat: “I was testing the voltage controlled lights with some 16 steps sequence MIDI running in cubase, then converted to CV by Doepfer MCV24. All sounds by Doepfer A100 modular synth.”

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