5 thoughts on “Will Gregory Interview, Pt. 2

  1. man, i’ve never paid much attention to goldfrapp, but this guy is really cool, and every time i hear their stuff i am quite impressed. any suggestions on where to start with them?

  2. You can’t go wrong with any of their CDs. Supernatural is my favorite. It and Black Cherry are a little more on the electro/glam side. Felt Mountain is a lot more mellow. Their new one (Seventh Tree) is somewhere in between, and really interesting. Just do what I did –buy them all.

  3. Amoeba – Jonathan’s right – they’re all good, but in different ways.

    Supernatural & Black Cherry are much more pop oriented, but still pretty weird.

    Felt Mountain is out there, but the most interesting to me.

    They always have great synth work and great arrangements. Alison Goldfrapp always sounds fantastic, too, but her lyrics are either very oblique or inane, depending on your taste.

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